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New Hot Melt Unit
05 November 2013 New Hot Melt Unit


·     Economical

·     Simple to operate

·     Adjustable temperature control

            ·     Smooth on-demand piston pump




·         Fitted with a heated 2.4m hose &

          integral cantilever trigger gun.

·         High output up to 4kg's per hour.

·         Adjustable thermostat 90°C - 200°C.

·         New lightweight flexible hose.

·         Suitable for all types of hot melt.

·         Pressure-driven piston pump.



The TAC SYSTEM 750LF is a hot melt delivery system featuring an on-demand piston pump, flexible heated hose with integral squeeze trigger glue gun and precise variable temperature control. The TAC SYSTEM 750LF  allows the accurate application of all types of hot melt adhesive at any angle and in tight work spaces.

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