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The art of BOOKBINDING has evolved over many generations and the adhesive industry has played a key role in the advancement of modern production methods.

In today’s environment, books, catalogues & magazines have to be produced efficiently and robustly, withstanding all that the reader will subject them to.  Whilst some books may have a relatively short life, others may require longevity which is why it is important to choose the correct adhesive for the intended use.

Introducing CLEVER-BIND

Now there is a true alternative to PUR when it comes to PERFECT BINDING


PUR HOT MELT has been established for quite some time and its place in the market has dramatically improved the bond strength of perfect bound spines. 

However PUR is expensive, from the expenditure on capital equipment to the unit cost of the adhesive.  Handling can also be precarious and if allowed to cure in the application equipment, maintenance and repair costs can be crippling. 


CLEVER-BIND metalocene technology is a new concept in spine bonding.


An adhesive with properties to include:


No special handling requirements using standard hot melt equipment or existing PUR kit - Will not cure in the application equipment.

Applied in the same manner as EVA - roller or jet

Bond strength closer to PUR than EVA

Cures in minutes - No need to bind blind and wait up to 72 hours for full PUR strength

Suitable on standard and difficult papers

Excellent heat resistance

High flexibility - giving better Lay Flat properties than PUR

Does not discolour or change in viscosity at a constant temperature.

Odour and smoke free

Lower consumption than EVA


Our range includes products for:

  • Perfect Binding / Catalogues Books
  • Difficult substrates / digital
  • CLEVER-BIND the latest technical advance for bookbinding  

Horizon Binder operators can now quote for PUR type work


Switch off the PUR system and start to enjoy the benefits of CLEVER-BIND

Spine Gluing - CLEVER-BIND an alternative to PUR

We also offer standard products for:

  • General Spine Gluing (Perfect Binding) & Padding.

Hinge / Side Gluing Hot Melts

There are generally three different choices for this application:

  • GRANULAR for fast set general purpose.
  • EVA (Format - pillow or block) medium set for difficult substrates.
  • PRESSURE SENSITIVE (Format - pillow or block) permanent tack for difficult substrates, will pick up covers after a machine stoppage.

Choose CLEVER-BIND and unlock the PUR chains.

We can advise which product suits your needs.
Please get in touch with our friendly team of staff.  We're here to help.


Our range includes products for:



Product Assembly


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