Glue Guns Sticks and Slugs

The main factors to consider when choosing your glue gun are:

  • What length of time will the gun be switched on for?
  • How much work will I be expecting to do?

The greater the demand from the glue gun, the higher the glue output should be.

Our glue guns feature large triggers so that the operator load is spread across 4 fingers. This helps prevent repetitive strain injury during long periods of use. Powerful heaters ensure operating temperatures are reached quickly. There is no need to invest in a higher priced gun if it has a low work demand. Choose the correct glue gun to suit your needs. We will be happy to advise you.

The industry standard sizes are 12mm for sticks & 43mm for slugs. Most common are the general purpose fast set amber and slow set clear. A range of specialized products are available for specific applications.