Hot Melt

Our company has a wide range of hot melt adhesives to suit many applications, to include;

PACKAGING HOT MELT for Standard Packaging, Deep/Grease Freeze, High Heat Resistance, compatible with all application equipment. These adhesives fall into 4 main categories:


Excellent resistance to thermal degradation, higher price than EVA formulations. Good mileage, viscosity stable.

White Resin EVA:

Initially appear like metalocene, but degrade in time.  Higher price than Tan EVA & Low Melt EVA.  World shortage in white resin, so prices escalating.

Tan Resin EVA:

Low cost with good performance.

Low Melt EVA:

Low cost with good performance. Thermal degradation in between Metalocene & White Resin EVA.

Available in granular and pearl format, suitable for auto-vac feed systems.


It is no secret that raw material prices have increased steadily in recent times. Before
choosing your adhesive, we think you should know some important facts that may influence your choice of product.  

Consider this – if your glue tank uses a full reservoir of adhesive every 1 to 25 hours, then the benefit of a high degradation resistant product is wasted.  Furthermore the cosmetic value of white products is lost in between 2 glue flaps.   We are not biased as we can supply all types, we just don’t want you to buy benefits you may not need.

The chart shows typical examples of thermal degradation.



We also supply a range of Pressure Sensitive adhesives for Labelling, Anti Slip Pallet Stabilization and Product Assembly.

These products are available in mini pillow format for fast melt and ease of handling.

Most products available from stock on 1 to 2 day lead-time.