Intercol Superjet

The Adhesive Company is the official UK agent for Intercol bv.  Based in Holland, Intercol is the leader in the development and manufacture of high quality aqueous adhesives.  In association with them, we proudly present the latest technical breakthrough in aqueous jetting adhesives:

Superjet has been developed for application in the Corrugated and Solid Board Manufacturing Industry. The formulation has been extensively tested and successfully trialed and is now available.

  1. Increasing machine speeds!
  2. Developments.
  3. Cost saving by using jetting application.
  4. Jetting adhesive requirements.
  5. Reliability.
  6. The correct choice in raw materials.

1. Increasing machine speeds!

Rapid market developments, wider variety and increasing customer demands, require innovative, knowledgeable people and manufacturing processes. The efficiency of these processes has become more important than ever. Increased machine speeds require high quality materials and skilled people to ensure better and improved quality of the end product.  Improvements have been made in the manufacturing process of corrugated and solid boards, to include changing over from traditional wheel applicators to precision jetting systems.

By using electronic control & positioning equipment for these high speed adhesive systems, the reliability and efficiency of the process are improved. Adhesive application machinery suppliers have  been focussing on this and can offer a suitable solution for every situation. Intercol has developed a new generation of  adhesives, suitable for high speed precision equipment but also for roller or wheel/disc applicators.

2. Developments

Jetting systems have developed into complex and accurate solutions and found their way to the Folding Carton, Corrugated and Solid board manufacturers.

These systems have enabled OEM companies like; Martin, Isowa, Bobst, Heidelberg, Vega and many  others, to manufacture carton packaging materials at much higher speeds. Intercol has been developing adhesive formulation for these systems, from day one.

In close co-operation with OEM, application machinery manufacturers and end-users, we have been able to overcome the classic jetting adhesive problems and have introduced a new generation of dispersion  formulations for the most demanding operations. Superjet adhesives offer a more stable and highly efficient manufacturing process.

3. Cost savings with jetting applications

Investment in jetting application machinery is high, but the short term results in cost savings have been proven. Beside the fact that this allows for higher production output in less
time (faster setting adhesive required), cost savings are realised by;

  • Areas to apply adhesive to can be smaller compared to Wheel/Disc systems. This will result in less adhesive consumption.
  • More efficient usage of adhesive because of adjustable pump pressure.
  • Less adhesive consumption because of the possibilities to replace adhesive beads/lines with adhesive dots (at lower machine speeds).

4. Jetting Adhesive requirements

Intercol has developed the formulation, simultaneous with the development of improved jetting systems.

Our Superjet range now offers;

  • An absolute minimal nozzle built-up, which prevents irregularity in glue patterns or nozzle blockages
  • Clean application without splashing or satellites
  • Excellent starting features, even after longer machine stops
  • No filter blockages
  • Fast setting speeds preventing problems with automated packing stations at the end of the compression belt
  • Fast tack built-up which allows for high stress loads to the bonding area without causing fish-tailing or loose seams.

5. Reliability
High machine speeds make it impossible to check adhesive applications visually.

In order to guarantee the quality of the adhesive application process, electronic detection systems are required. The Superjet range is developed for this and can be supplied in blue colour or built-in UV detection material, or both.

6. The correct choice in raw materials

Many packaging materials are manufactured for use in the food industry.

Food regulations and laws are becoming stricter and adhesives need to be accounted for.
Intercol has incorporated a food orientated policy in developing adhesive formulations and the raw materials needed for this. As a result, we can offer adhesives that meet EU, FDA, BfR etc. regulations, depending on the specific market.

A well known theme within the adhesive industry is the use of plasticizers, in particular Phthalates which are identified as harmful substances.

Intercol has a very clear view on this; our adhesives do not contain Phtalates, we also offer formulations free of plasticizers.